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In this video, Angie Simpson, the administrator of Lotus Park Assisted Living, discusses about the exercise room.

“So we have an exercise room that any of the residents can use. Most of the time probably when the therapists come in to use it they will bring the resident in there and be with them as they use the equipment. But any time a resident wants to use it they can. If they need somebody to stand by we would make that available also to help them get on and use it. It’s pretty high tech to run some of it, and some of it not, some of it’s very easy. But we do want our residents to stay healthy and feel like that’s available to them.

I hope this video has answered some of your questions about Lotus Park Assisted Living. Please feel free to contact us. Come down, take a tour, we would love to meet you.”

For more information about Assisted Living in Ogden Utah, please visit or call us at (801) 590-7453

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